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Hi! We're Team KZ Philippines! We are a bunch of people who love to live that active KZ lifestyle, but we're not always like that. Like most people, we had day jobs and could only squeeze in our KZ trips during weekends and holidays. We climbed mountains and explored Philippine beaches since year 2001, and one essential personal preference for us is to have a good eye companion that will provide enough eye protection that will not break our banks. Unfortunately that time, we were only left with two hard choices: wear a cheap knockoff sunglasses worth around 500php that don't offer any substantial eye protection, or a designer pair that would cost us over 5,000php only to get the lens scratched in the middle of our adventure or get lost it in the ocean during our water sports activities.

Then we found a game changing alternative, which is Kameleonz - now KZ! KZ Gear provides that third option we've been looking for, it gives us that somewhere-in-the-middle option. Stylish yet affordable shades that have that quality and premium feel like those designer shades have.


KZ Gear originated in Provo, Utah and founded by Bingham brothers Sean, Jared and Justin wayback on June 4, 2013. They launched a unique and awesome line of Interchangeable sunglasses under the name, Kameleonz - cool and fitting name for the product. They were hopeful, but didn't know exactly what to expect. The response to those shades was very positive, so positive that a real company was born. Kameleonz began to grow and expand. And they launched another unique line of Floatable sunglasses.

After a couple of years of success, they decided to expand and changed their Company name from Kameleonz to KZ. Why the change? Well, for starters, KZ is much easier to say, spell, understand, read, remember, etc. It also allows the brand to continue to grow and expand beyond the one product that started it all - Interchangeable sunglasses. To stay true to that start, they simply took the first and last letters from the unique Kameleonz spelling.


Philippines is a tropical country with over 7,000 islands with rich mountains and beaches to explore. Majority of the Filipinos love to travel in a budget and just like the rest of you, we do too! That is why we decided to bring KZ Gear here in the Philippines. KZ Gear Philippines is your one stop shop for stylish (interchangeable), floatable, affordable and adventure-ready sunglasses. We want you to have the advantages of expensive sunglasses like impact resistant and polarized lenses for your hiking, traveling, surfing or any type of active lifestyle you have but don’t want your pocket to suffer the aftermath of losing or damaging those expensive designer shades.

At KZ, we have a real passion for adventure, and we know you do too. We'll continue creating more shades, more beanies, and more gear for you to take with you on your travels and adventures as you live the active lifestyle that KZ embodies. If you want to know more about our gears and be updated with the latest news and exclusive promos we're going to give out to our subscribers, make sure to sign up to our newsletter! ;)


KZ and exciting times ahead! Kita kita Pilipinas! ;)

 -Team KZ Philippines

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